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IMark valley is an innovation village, knowledge center, and eco village.

IMark Valley

What We Offer

IMark Valley is a unique and multi-functional facility located in  Attapadi Kerala. The combination of an innovation center, nature park, and eco resort offers a unique and innovative experience for visitors. 

IMark Valley play an important role in promoting human transformation, creativity, and innovation by providing a platform for people to come together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects that have a positive impact on society.


Innovation Center

Facility promoting creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship.


Eco Village

Sustainable destination offering natural and eco-friendly experiences.


Nature Park

Outdoor recreational area with natural landscapes and woodlands.


Creative Studio

Collaborative workspace for artists, designers, and creative professionals.

About Us

About Our Company


We support innovators

The iMark Valley Innovation Village is located in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by the beauty of nature. With its stunning views and tranquil atmosphere, it's the perfect hideout for those who want to escape from the noise and distractions of the city. Whether you're here for work, relaxation or both, you'll find everything you need to reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

Our Services

What You Get

Educational Prorgams

We conduct educational program for knowledge and skill development.


Retreats & Camps

We host theme-based retreats for entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation etc.

Coworking / Co living

Collaborative living and working community with shared resources.


Training , Coaching & Consulting

We provide expert training, coaching, and consulting services



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