Immersion Overview

The IMark Valley Immersion Programs provide established corporations with a direct pathway to gain insights into the latest industry trends, threats, and opportunities. These programs connect executives with pioneering companies and startups in the field of disruptive innovation, providing a unique perspective on adapting and evolving business practices for sustainable growth and success. The programs are delivered through online sessions led by experts or in-person in IMark Valley and provide an intense and inspiring experience that can accelerate digital transformation initiatives. Experience a transformation in your approach to innovation with IMark Valley’s Immersion Program.

India Business Tours

India is a country with a diverse and dynamic economy, with a wide range of industries that are growing at a rapid pace. If you’re looking to connect overseas companies with Indian industries for various collaborations, a business tour to India could be a great way to explore the opportunities available.


IMark Valley team organise corporate retreats for companies of all sizes. They offer a range of customized retreat programs that are designed to help organizations enhance teamwork, develop leadership skills, foster the culture of innovation and promote a positive and collaborative work culture.


We conduct immersion program to connect corporate companies with startups and innovators through events and meetups which can be a great way to facilitate collaboration and partnerships between established businesses and emerging startups.